Audit Committee:
Appointed at Annual Conference
George Mueller – Chair

CDAA / Chief’s Committee:
Tom Sage, Chief Inv. Amador County – Chair
CDAA Committee(s):
Mike Donovan – Legislative
Nuno Tavares – Legislative

JW Marriott Resort, Palm Desert, CA
Sept. 10, 2018 – Charity Golf Tournament
Sept. 11 – 13, 2018 – Annual Training
Richard Aloise

Good and Welfare:
Tom Sage – Chair
Board & Executive Committee
Investigator of the Year:
Robert French – Chair

Prosecutor of the Year:
Richard Aloise – Chair
Legislative Report:
Mike Donovan – Chair
Nuno Tavares

Website/Rap Sheet Commitee:
Mel Sosa – Chair
Brent Westwood
Nominating Committee:
Board and Executive Committee

Political Endorsements:
Bill Hanley – Chair
Robert French
Lisa Biggs – Chair
Bill Hanley
Nuno Tavares
Justin Matus

Mike Donovan – Chair
Board and Executive Committee
Leslie Severe